The Jackson Heights Arts Festival is an initiative to build on the local arts community, increase the visibility of artists that live and work in the neighborhood, promote community-based arts practices and open a dialogue for empowerment through the arts. This outdoor festival provides a space for local artists to create and explore art programs that inspire residents and visitors to take an active role to improve the neighborhood. Artists are encouraged to reflect on the neighborhood’s CULTURAL DIVERSITY, LIFESTYLES, FAITHS and HISTORY, as well as issues related to SEXUAL ORIENTATION, IMMIGRATION, GENTRIFICATION, LABOR, and DISCRIMINATION, among others. This event is part of Making {Art} Spaces, a broader effort initiated by Hibridos Collective to create public art spaces through collaboration with other artists, neighbors, and local stakeholders.

Jackson Heights Arts Festival - Poster

Jackson Heights Arts Festival – Poster

The 1st Jackson Heights Arts Festival was launched on June 22nd, 2013 at the Diversity Plaza. The festival allowed us to:

– RAISE the visibility of more than 40 local artists from 14 countries by engaging 400+ residents and visitors through art exhibitions and interactive workshops.

– CREATE a network of volunteers, artists and community leaders, who collaborated to envision creative uses for public spaces.

– BUILD the leadership capacity of community members who secured resources (including over $5,000 in seed funding) and partnered with elected officials, City agencies and CBOs.

– SPARK new community change projects like the DiverCity Mapping Project, a community-building effort to chart local assets and resources in Jackson Heights.

Hibridos Collective organized the Jackson Heights Arts Festival in partnership with the Jackson Heights Beautification Group (fiscal sponsor) and Sukhi (community partner) in celebration of June in Jackson Heights and the Queens Art Express. This event is made possible in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Additional funds generously provided by Citizens Committee for New York City and Coro’s Immigrant Civic Leadership Program. Special thanks to Queens Museum of Art and the New New Yorkers Program, The Uni Project, Council Member Danny Dromm’s Office, and our dedicated volunteers…


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