Jackson Heights DiverCity Map Zine Release

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Jackson Heights DiverCity Map Zine Release
Sunday, July 26th 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
78th Street Play Street (between 34th Street and Northern Boulevard)

Contact: Beatriz Gil | info@hibridos.co

NEW YORK – Hibridos Collective is thrilled to release the printed and interactive map of the Jackson Heights DiverCity Mapping Project, a 2-year community mapping experience with local residents. Come pick up a free copy of the printed map designed as a “map zine” (a self-published fold-out magazine) capturing neighborhood resources and assets as well as challenges.

This map zine documents the mapping process of Jackson Heights residents who participated in the DiverCity Mapping Project through community workshops and a mapmaking toolkit for a self-guided neighborhood exploration. Each mapmaker created a journal that includes more detailed notes, photographs, collages and drawings on their neighborhood findings and reflections on the meaning of living in a diverse community.

This map captures cultural, social, historical, artistic, religious and green spaces that make Jackson Heights a vibrant place to live and work. The map includes facts related to the history of the neighborhood, the lack of open space, the ethnic and racial diversity, air quality issues, and the prevalence of overcrowded and rising cost of housing. Here are some of the voices of the mapmakers:

“74th Street station has to be the most loved and hated station… It’s an important terminal for commuters. It can also get very hectic at times during the morning rush. However, whenever you step into the station during a sunny day the glass window shines purple light into the station that is worth noticing,” said mapmaker Edward Lopez.

“The issue of affordable housing is a crucial one for maintaining the diversity of the neighborhood, both racial and ethnic as well as in terms of class, income and wealth. The buildings in the historic district are a wonderful part of our architectural heritage, but we can’t refrain from engaging in a searching analysis of the problematic class issues that the cost of housing raises,” said mapmaker Pauline Park.

This mapping project is part of a global community of artists, urban planners, environmentalists and advocates using mapmaking tools developed by Green Map System, a non-profit organization with 20 years of experience in community mapmaking in over 900 communities in 65 countries.

Hibridos Collective​ (pronounced e-bree-dos) is an interdisciplinary collaborative working to reenvision spaces through community-based arts practices. The collective facilitates and organizes site-specific interventions in public, underutilized and other unusual spaces to spark social engagement among local artists, neighbors and community organizations.

Hibridos Collective explores the intersection of art and community through collaborations with neighbors, artists and other socially minded enthusiasts in sidewalks, parks, plazas and other unexpected and unprecedented spaces. Our past projects include outdoor art and music festivals, pop-up art installations, neighborhood tours, workshops and interactive events. Hibridos Collective currently operates as a volunteer-run group with generous support from grants and donations. We are committed to patronizing local and small businesses in the course of implementing our work.

Hibridos Collective is grateful to the mapmakers that shared their experience as well as all our partners, including Green Map System, Friends of Diversity Plaza, Green Alliance for Jackson Heights, Jackson Heights Beautification Group, Queens Museum of Art, Queens Pride House,Transportation Alternatives, 110th Police Precinct, NYC Street Activity Permit Office, Council Member Danny Dromm and DNAinfo. And a big shout out to Citizens Committee for New York City for their support through the Neighborhood Grant in 2013.

Read more about our mapping experiences, flip through these digital journals and check out photos from our community engagement workshops at www.hibridos.co/divercitymap

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