Mapmaker Profile: Rodrigo Salazar

Mapmaker Profile - Rodrigo Salazar

Rodrigo Salazar originally, from the city of Manizales-Colombia. He has been an active member of the Jackson Heights Beautification Group since 2012, also member of Friends of Diversity Plaza in Jackson Heights. He uses his passion for photography, to aim and record the diversity of the people in our neighborhood going about their daily lives.

From the camera of Rodrigo, his images capture the effort to enhance and beautification of our neighborhoods. His drive for
the enhancements and improvements of our neighborhood, started in the early eighties, when he started using his lenses to show us the beauty and the “falling behind” areas of our surroundings. He also, uses his passion for photography, to aim and record the diversity of the people in our beloved neighborhood going about on their daily lives.

Through the JHBG, Rodrigo has been able to organize clean-ups and plantings events around diverse areas within Jackson Heights. Working as a liaison between city official, private businesses and a team of effortless volunteers, he has been able to convert decrepit and unkept “spots” into green areas and gardens. Along with a small group of commented members and an army of volunteers, he can be found hands-on, refurbishing, our green areas as well as the tree pits along our streets, parks and avenues.

Friends of Diversity Plaza, is a new venture that, along with a diverse group of enthusiast, he started eight months ago. This newly formed group, mainly focus is to convert the plaza into an “oasis” for visitors and residents of this area. It is a daily communal effort and we can truly use some more help.

Rodrigo created a detailed map of the neighborhood on a foam board (40″ x 32″) highlighting the sites that were included in his mapping journal.

Rodrigo Salazar - Map

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