Leverich - Projects Page
The Leverich Family Burial Ground is an abandoned 17th-century historical site in the heart of Jackson Heights, Queens. Join us to reimagine this space! Neighbors, artists, gardeners, volunteers and activists are invited to organize and/or participate in weekly activities. Guided visits are available by appointment. Activities are free, all ages and subject to change. Read more…>>

Friends of Diversity Plaza
Friends of Diversity Plaza: building a community vision for the plaza (Fall 2013 – ongoing) Hibridos Collective will lead a community visioning process through socially engaged art activities whereby local stakeholders will transform the Jackson Heights Diversity Plaza into a public space that fosters a sense of place and identity. As residents, artists and advocates, we strongly believe in engaging our neighbors in dialogue and seeking their perspective about what they envision for the plaza. Unlike other pedestrian plazas in the city, Diversity Plaza was created as a result of a Department of Transportation traffic study, which recommended the permanent closing of 37th Road and disregarded a community process for its implementation. This top-down approach has left us with a public plaza that requires community funding for maintenance, security and programming without a long-term community vision. Read more…>>

JHDM - Screenshot

The Jackson Heights DiverCity Map (Summer 2013 – Spring 2015) This community mapmaking project invites newcomers and long-time residents to participate in the creation of an asset and resource map through mapmaking workshops and activities. Hibridos Collective wants to provide community members of all ages (who have first-hand knowledge of the neighborhood) with the tools to create a community resource that anyone can access regardless of language and community background. Read more…>>


Making Art {Spaces} (Fall 2013 – ongoing) This collaboration is a series of events that aim to showcase the work of local artists and promote the local economy in Jackson Heights. This collaboration celebrates the diversity of artists in the neighborhood and the vibrant commercial corridors. Read more…>>


Jackson Heights Arts Festival (2013 – 2014) This festival is an initiative to build on the local arts community, increase the visibility of artists that live and work in the neighborhood, promote community-based arts practices and open a dialogue for empowerment through the arts. This outdoor festival provides a space for local artists to create and explore art programs that inspire residents and visitors to take an active role to improve the neighborhood. Read more…>>


Queens Art Express (2010 – 2011) For two consecutive years, Queens Council on the Arts commissioned Hibridos Collective to create a series of neighborhood Green Maps tailored to the Queens Art Express festivals. Read more…>>


Seniors Partnering with Artists Citywide – SPARC (2010) Hibridos Collective participated in the Space for Art residency program (also known as SPARC). The Department for the Aging, Department of Cultural Affairs and the Queens Council on the Arts created this six-month pilot initiative, which seeks to connect artists and seniors centers. The collective engaged participants by incorporating writing and storytelling into the visual art aspect of the workshops. Read more…>>


Portraits from the Underworld (2009 – 2012) Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders invited Hibridos Collective to provide poetry workshops and portrait photography as part of the Day of the Dead celebration (Día de Muertos). Read more…>>