Unlocked and Reimagined – Day 2: Restoring the Landscape

Cover - Post Day 2

On Saturday, August 8th, more than 20 neighbors, artists, gardeners, volunteers and activists attended the second day of activities at Leverich Family Burial Ground. Hibridos Collective hosted a service day called Restoring the Land where participants engaged in dialogue to envision the space while gardening, planting seeds and making seed bombs.


This time attendees found their way to the burial ground through an unconventional route given that a vehicle was blocking access via the main gate. Adjacent neighbors kindly allowed us entry to the site through their own backyard. Volunteer gardeners, young and old, were enthusiastic to put their “green thumb” to use by creating a flower garden while sharing insights and knowledge about the site.



Join us this Saturday, August 15th from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to seed common ground: design and plant additional flower gardens. Local photographer and sunflower gardener Rodrigo Salazar, will break ground for the new sunflower community garden.

Coffee, juice and snacks will be provided!
Bring a friend to give a helping hand or just come to make new neighbors!

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