Unlocked and Reimagined – Day 3: Seeding Common Ground

Cover - Post Day 3

On Saturday, August 15th, more than 40 neighbors, artists, gardeners, volunteers and activists attended the third day of activities at Leverich Family Burial Ground. Hibridos Collective hosted a service day called Seeding Common Ground where participants engaged in dialogue to envision the space while planting a sunflower community garden.

Leverich Aug 15-32

Community members designed and planted additional flower gardens. Local photographer and sunflower gardener Rodrigo Salazar, broke ground for the new sunflower community garden.

Leverich Aug 15-12

On Saturday, August 22nd, join us to welcome the pollinators! We will have a full day of cross-pollinating activities, including gardening, a public art installation, community dialogue and learning.

We will provide coffee, fruits, water, juice and snacks!
Bring a friend to give a helping hand or just come to make new neighbors!

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