Unlocked and Reimagined – Day 4: Welcoming the Pollinators

Leverich Aug 22-24

On Saturday, August 22nd, more than 40 neighbors, artists, gardeners, volunteers and activists attended the fourth day of activities at Leverich Family Burial Ground. Hibridos Collective hosted a special day called Welcoming the Pollinators where participants engaged in dialogue, gardening and learning about community and art making.

We had a full day of cross-pollinating activities, including gardening, a public art installation, community dialogue and learning:

Leverich Aug 22-20

Guest artist Lina Montoya and the ELE EME Project visited us from Staten Island with the traveling butterfly installation Mariposas Amarillas.

Leverich Aug 22-3

Local artists Carlos Martinez and Beatriz Gil hosted a community dialogue in the new AGORA.

Leverich Aug 22-28

New New Yorkers Program presented Social Practice 101 with Sol Aramendi, a conversation about art and community engagement with Híbridos Collective (program in Spanish).

Leverich Aug 22-10

Gardeners and volunteers designed and plant new flower gardens.

Join our new garden community next Saturday, August 29th for a full day of cross-pollinating activities and to celebrate a community in bloom, including the unveiling of the first mural in the entrance of the cemetery called Pachamama by local artist Carlos Amador a.k.a. Honexl, guest artist Lina Montoya and the Ele Eme Project will complete the installation of Mariposas Amarillas, local artists Carlos Martinez and Beatriz Gil will continue hosting a community dialogue in the new AGORA, and gardeners and volunteers will finalize the clean-up, plant new flower gardens, and design landscape features.

We will provide coffee, fruits, water, juice and snacks!
Bring a friend to give a helping hand or just come to make new neighbors!

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